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Blank walls can often be challenging to decorate.

Immersing people in a scene is a wonderful way to provide that extra special environment or simply that much needed “wow” factor.

Wall Vistas can be applied to a variety of surfaces and are easily removed should you ever need to do so as the glue is a hi-tak glue designed to be peeled away and possibly re-applied. So you can update and change your scene with an easy process that won’t damage your walls.

The example on the right was installed in a hospital where patients received chemotherapy.

Choose from our extensive gallery or commission your custom image with our photographer Iain Pallot Photography.

Want the image on your ceiling, not your wall? Take a look at our CEILING VISTAS product and gallery here


We use a specialised wall graphic material suitable for installation onto painted plasterboard walls. The glue is designed to allow the material to be removed without damaging the wall.

Virtual Vistas specialises in supply of large format graphics. We have a national installation network which will guarantee a perfect installation for your business should you prefer to use this service.


Due to the size of the printing images on walls and ceilings, only the highest quality images can be used to produce suitable results. Customers can supply their own images, however, the results may not be as pleasing or to the standard of the images we are able to supply.

You can engage Iain Pallot Photography to commission specific works for your installations should you require high quality images to your own specification.


When choosing an image, please consider the ratio (2:1 or 3:4) and perspective for the intended installation. Most of the image choices will be cropped to fit the product required.

For a comprehensive collection of all images, please click galleries below

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