The “Art” of distraction in care spaces – Good business and better patient experiences

Pun fully intended here. The very best way of distracting anyone receiving care is through the power of sight. This is without question, most effectively achieved with an appropriate presence of visual art. A combination of environmental colour schemes (wall surface colours for example) and purposeful visual imagery placement is the ideal solution.

Some people will respond to (and indeed many will need) verbal/musical (sound) distraction and we rightly use this mechanism to support people receiving care in various scenarios/settings. However, many people struggle with such connections at a time when their emotional state is stressed through the “worry” of whatever they are entrusting the caregivers to do for them. Many situations in the care process will also leave people isolated and unable to have any direct continued verbal support or access to electronic audio stimuli which may or may not be desired (due to stronger individual preferences that are much harder, if not impossible to qualify) regardless.

The other senses are even harder to influence (touch, smell and taste) in care settings.

Provision of purposeful visual distraction, however is:

  • Non-intrusive
  • Perpetually available
  • A passive care influencer
  • Common to basic natural human instincts – Biophilia

therefore, supporting people throughout the entire experience in a way that is much more likely to have positive outcomes.

Of course, it is just as important to point out that poorly considered general décor and image selections can have negative outcomes. In other words, not all images are created equally, despite often similar content/appearance to images that can have positive outcomes. Understanding how to identify that usually subtle, but significant difference, is crucial to the investment strategy for each and every care space.

Given the extraordinary effort we, as human beings go to, to explore visual feasts in day to day life, it seems equally extraordinary that in business we do not apply the same effort to provide the very best visual distractions possible. Our efforts to win and keep customers flowing through the door, to also give them the best experience possible whilst in our care are surely vital aspects to both business and basic human needs?

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