Psychology in imagery for care settings

The psychology of imagery “how it can impact the emotive state of people” especially when in care settings, can be a complex matter that is more often than not, overlooked as a low priority investment. Understanding how colour, content, tone and contrast amongst many other factors, will impact the emotions of any viewer, can provide a truly unique service to patients when selecting imagery in care. Just as vital is the placement of imagery chosen. We are not merely trying to create an aesthetically pleasing space, but also trying to use the opportunity to impact the emotional state of the viewers in specific ways so what goes where is critical to……

“Easing the mind of people in care settings”

The image created here, for example, will have three key emotive influencers (of course there are many but there are three here that are much stronger than others):

  • Warmth
  • Creativity
  • Love/care

Contact me to find out how we can work with you to ease the mind a people in your care setting simply by making the right image choices for display in the right places within your business.

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