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MySpy images have been developed as an alternative image option where the viewer can be immersed to such an extent that they may even forget where they are or why they are there.

The concept is to provide scenes where the viewer is encouraged to locate objects within that scene. These objects will vary in difficulty to find, therefore appealing to children and adults alike.

MySpy scenes can be installed as wall vistas or ceiling vistas.


Hi-Tack (a vinyl product) which is adhered to the surface of a wall using a specialised glue.

For ceilings, a permanent glue is used meaning customers should be aware that there is the potential for damage to the surface should the mural be removed in the future.


Due to the size of the printing images on walls and ceilings, only the highest quality images can be used to produce suitable results. Customers can supply their own images, however, the results may not be as pleasing or to the standard of the images we are able to supply.

You can engage Iain Pallot Photography to commission specific works for your installations should you require high-quality images to your own specification.


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