Is there a Return On Investment for art in health?

It’s only in recent times (relatively) that the care industry has taken to putting art into the building fabrics’ “soft furnishings”. The question for each business, is why? What is the purpose of the art, how much should you spend on it and quite frankly (let’s be honest about this, we are in business so it’s only fair to ask the question):

Is there a Return On Investment for art in health?

The answer to this is much more about the potential return on investment. Many (or even most) care settings will already have visual art of some kind within their setting, and so it is possible, even likely they are not getting the full potential from their particular selection.

Visual art in care, CAN have a profound and direct impact on both the financial position and reputation, of any care setting business including (but definitely not limited to):

  • Improved patient experience
    • anxiety reduction properties
    • perception of time shortening during treatments
    • increased sense of calm
    • lower consumption of pain medication
    • shorter bed stays
  • Improved staff experience and morale
  • Improved business market share (through referrals and repeat business)

The return of any investment in art is directly linked to the understanding of “what” art should be invested in to maximise the potential impact for each unique situation. Therefor investing in the art “advice” is as crucial as the physical art purchase itself.

Is your care setting (business) getting the best Return On Investment with regards to visual art?

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