Framed Prints

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Framed images inspire and create a sense of calm.

Strategically placed framed prints (including frameless acrylic) create a sense of comfort and calm. Changing an environment from bland or sterile to colourful and thoughtful, will elevate your environment to one people not only feel more relaxed in, but they look forward to returning to.

We can work with you to determine the best strategies for implementing art works in your business, from image selection and frames style to the final configuration that will bring a real point of difference to your environment.

Wood frame with white mat board

Black wood frame with white mat board

black wood frame with charcoal grey mat board


Frame sizes are determined by the longest dimension (so width for landscape orientation and height for portrait orientation). Whilst customisation is certainly available, we find the standard sizes suit most applications. Standard sizes (for image ratios of 2:1 – 3:1 – 3:2 (square images are quoted as requested)) are:

Small – 80cm

Medium – 110cm

Large – 135cm

X-Large – 150cm

The frame materials are based on a 4cm frame, standard single mat and standard glass. Images can be chosen from the image library supplied by Iain Pallot Photography (click button below to go to the full image library):

Click here to access full image galleries
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