Can (will?) Digital Art Make a Difference?

When we consider the varying needs, and therefor the multitude of solutions required for visual art in care, having choice, is of paramount importance. Every need will have various solutions. It’s definitely not a “one size fits all” conversation.

Digital art has its place, and when used to solve the right problem, its potential is nothing less than amazing. Take the work of teamLab as an example of the potential. The idea of digital light being responsive, generates an array of possibilities and benefits. In the example shown on the video, the light trails respond to human presence and actions, enabling the viewer to engage and feel immersed in the experience.

In care settings, we look to engage people with visual distractions for varying purposes. Each purpose is essentially solving a problem. One such problem (and quite frankly often the primary problem) is anxiety. Providing a means to feel closer to nature is key to reducing anxiety and the interactive nature of digital technology like this, will, where appropriate, take things to the next level in reducing patient anxiety.

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