The “Art” of distraction in care spaces – Good business and better patient experiences

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Pun fully intended here. The very best way of distracting anyone receiving care is through the power of sight. This is without question, most effectively achieved with an appropriate presence of visual art. A combination of environmental colour schemes (wall surface colours for example) and purposeful visual imagery placement is the ideal solution. Some people will [...]

Sight – a profound impact on our psychological well‐being.

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Did you know that the choice of imagery you place around your business can have a profound impact on the emotive state of your patients/customers? So much so in fact that you can alter the outcome of that patient visit considerably. Why wouldn't you want to take advantage of that opportunity? Just for a moment, stop [...]

Psychology in imagery for care settings

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The psychology of imagery "how it can impact the emotive state of people" especially when in care settings, can be a complex matter that is more often than not, overlooked as a low priority investment. Understanding how colour, content, tone and contrast amongst many other factors, will impact the emotions of any viewer, can provide a [...]

Is there a Return On Investment for art in health?

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It’s only in recent times (relatively) that the care industry has taken to putting art into the building fabrics’ “soft furnishings”. The question for each business, is why? What is the purpose of the art, how much should you spend on it and quite frankly (let’s be honest about this, we are in business so it’s [...]

Can (will?) Digital Art Make a Difference?

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When we consider the varying needs, and therefor the multitude of solutions required for visual art in care, having choice, is of paramount importance. Every need will have various solutions. It’s definitely not a “one size fits all” conversation. Digital art has its place, and when used to solve the right problem, its potential is nothing less [...]

Easing the mind of people in care settings – Where to next?

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We are very fortunate with the quality of clinical treatment facilities and services here in Australia. Treatment of any sort is widely acknowledged as one of the more stressful times of life and those treatments are focussed on the direct approach relative to the symptoms. There is growing support and evidence, that modern treatment needs to [...]

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