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Easing the Mind of People in Care Settings

Virtual Vistas came to life through identifying the difficulty businesses have in bringing new and exciting decor experiences to their business without the headache of having to work it all out themselves.

In our journey of providing this service, we came to understand that there was little to no understanding of how to best choose visual art that was both aesthetically pleasing or complimentary to the setting AND was genuinely beneficial to the well-being of the patients and customers they were being displayed for. From providing a comprehensive library of images to the ability to think outside the square, we are here to help, advise and see each project through to the end:

Placing Imagery with Purpose


The Virtual Vistas team have all the experience needed to bring only the best end product to you. From our photographer to the print experts and installation team, the team work closely together on each and every project that comes through our doors. But the end product is really only a small part of the solution we provide. The Virtual Vistas team are first and foremost, here to solve the problem of people feeling anxious when receiving care. It is our passion and mission to:

Ease The Mind of People in Care Settings

What sets our team aside from the competition is quite simply our passion. We love everything about what we do and our work environment is designed to ensure each part of team is encouraged to excel at what they love doing best.


Born in Jersey, C.I. (United Kingdom) in 1965. Married to Annie, Iain has three children (all boys) from his first marriage to add to the four (all girls!) of his wife. His parents were hoteliers and he grew up in the day-to-day life of the island’s tourism based hospitality environment. The proximity of the island to the French coastline meant he had easy access to that culture, which has always been a one he readily relates to.

Iain went to boarding school in the UK mainland when he was eight and it was when he turned 15 that his interest in photography blossomed. His first camera was an Olympus OM10 and he explored every facet of traditional photography including life in the darkroom.

Iain’s passion was re-ignited well into the digital era and found solace in landscape photography, He loves nothing more than to capture and bring those visual experiences to life for others to enjoy.

To view more of Iain Pallot Photography’s work , visit his website (www.iainpallotphotography.com.au). To contact him by email, click here.

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