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People the world over, enter any number of care setting situations and every time they do, they put themselves and their well-being, in the hands of others, creating a sense of vulnerability we can all relate to.

 Virtual Vistas provides a comprehensive evidence based solution to the supply of visual art into care environments with the explicit view of placing art with purpose to achieve the best possible outcomes for the patient experience through reduction in anxiety. In so doing, we will bring a host of connected benefits to care receivers, their care providers and the environments they work within.

Easing the Mind of People in Care Settings

“In our facility we treat cancer patients  – It was decided that installing artwork on the ceiling of both our treatment bunkers would help create a much more welcoming, calming and less clinical environment for our patients – Since the installation the patient feedback has been tremendous.  The landscape imagery tends to allow the patients to focus their troubles elsewhere whilst having treatment. Patients often comment on the art work and are impressed with the visual impact it provides. We couldn’t be happier with the artwork installed by Virtual Vistas.”

GenesisCare Hurstville - Michael Williams

I engaged Virtual Vistas when refurbishing our 5 health care centres in Queensland.

They listened to what our patients wanted, created a portfolio of local images and worked with the organisation in a professional manner to help make it look beautiful and calming.

Virtual Vistas were so easy to work with making sure we had an individual solution to suit each of our departments.

Karen Dawe - QLD Operations Manager

In the dementia care environment, having images that are very personal, would make a huge difference I believe. So many patients are tense and agitated for so much of their lives, living in an environment none of us want to end up in. Images that are both beautiful, calming and personal could help.

Research Survey Respondant's observation

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